Hollywood Hill Association

Gold Creek Park Zipline Concession Proposal

Today we received this notice from KC Parks:

"Dear citizen,

"We are writing to inform you that GravityWorks has withdrawn its proposal for a zipline facility at Gold Creek Park in pursuit of another location. Consequently, we are cancelling the June 6th public meeting. Working with partners and the community, King County Parks has a goal of creating collaborative and sustainable projects and events that create recreational opportunities, while preserving our 26,000 acres of open space as outlined in our business plan.  As part of this process we have appreciated the input you have provided and your engagement in this effort.   We hope that you continue to enjoy the park and please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.


"Butch Lovelace ~ Program Manager ~ King County Parks ~ 206.263.6267"


Proposed Zipline Concession
at Gold Creek Park

12 ziplines. "Improved trails". New lodge. Chair lift. Trees removed. 40,000 visitors a year. Shuttle buses. Parking congestion. Is this what we want for Gold Creek Park?

The Hollywood Hill Association opposes the zipline concession proposal by Gravityworks as it currently stands. Here is the proposal from Gravityworks.

The Hollywood Hill Saddle Club does not support the zipline proposal. Here is the Hollywood Hill Saddle Club position.

A group has been formed to fight this change to our park, Preserve Gold Creek Park. Their statement follows:

"Members of the community and residents on Hollywood Hill are joining together in an attempt to persuade King County Parks to reject a proposal that would install ziplines in Gold Creek Park. The installation of ziplines would result in the loss of privacy and property values for many residents, create negative impacts for wildlife, and commercialize one of the last large mature forest stands in our area. Since the park was first donated by a private resident to King County Parks, over a 40 years ago, local residents, equestrians, hikers, walkers, bird watchers, and children have enjoyed these trails and maintained them. Unfortunately, ziplines would likely create a situation too dangerous for most horses and the remaining users would no longer find the park peaceful and enjoyable. If you would like to get involved or be kept up to date on the status of this proposal, please send an email to preservegcp@gmail.com.

"Additionally, in an effort to dissuade Parks from approving the zipline proposal, an online petition can be signed. King County Parks gets the final decision on the zipline proposal, without this going to a vote of the County Council. Therefore, it is imperative that Parks realizes how important Gold Creek Park is to everyone. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/rejectziplinegcp/"

Please visit Preserve Gold Creek Park's Facebook page for more information.

King County Parks is hosting an information meeting about this proposal.

Wednesday, June 6th 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Northshore Junior High – 12101 NE 160th Street, Bothell

Please see the King County Parks website for more information.

Several groups are sponsoring a "Walk About to Save Our Park" on Wednesday, May 16, starting at 4:30 pm at Gold Creek Park. See the flyer for more information.