Hollywood Hill Association

Help stave off attacks on Sammamish Valley farmland.

Two times in the past local forces have attempted to move the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) deeper into the Sammamish Valley, attempting to remove agricultural land to increase development in our lovely valley. Both of these attempts were halted because they violated numerous portions of the ordinances which created the UGB.

However, there is a new attempt ongoing to move the UGB so that the city of Woodinville can annex agricultural properties adjacent to the city limits and allow urban development to creep further into the valley. Comments are being taken by the County Council this summer (2012).

Help Keep Our Valley Green!

Efforts are afoot to try to convince the County to convert a number of Rural properties adjacent to Hollywood Hill in the Sammamish Valley to Urban designation. This action would threaten not only the farms that keep the Valley green but also the "rural character" of communities like ours across King County. However, there is not a formal proposal yet to move the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), which controls land use zoning. By adding your comments against moving the UGB to the public comments surrounding the current King Couny Comprehensive Plan Update you can help stave off these attacks on our Valley.

You can voice you concerns by email to the King County Council members using the addresses below. The primary Council members who are involved in our area are Kathy Lambert, Jane Hague and Bob Ferguson. Larry Phillips is head of the TrEE committee, which has the most direct inputs on this issue. We also suggest that you send a copy to Dow Constantine, the County Executive, and to each Council member. Comments are being taken by the County Council this summer (2012).

Where do I send my comments?

Send emails to:

Send hard copy letters to:

King County Chinook Building
401 5th Ave. Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98104

What do I say?

While you can, and should, personalize your comments, we are offering a sample letter you can personalize and send. We also offer a list of bullet points to help you form your thoughts. Feel free to use them verbatim, but addressing one point that is important to you is as effective as covering many points.

An important way that we can sum up the issue is to point out that the current boundaries are working and that we support the Executive's recommendation to keep them where they are.

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