Hollywood Hill Association

2006 Rural Economic Strategies


(Note: the following Hollywood Hill Association Responses and Concerns are based on the "Proposed 2006 Rural Economic Strategies (RES) Code Changes Package Summary Report", available here.)

HHA Responses and Concerns to the 2006 RES Code Changes

The Hollywood Hill Association (HHA), which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has about 400 members, all of which are residents or landowners in Rural unincorporated King County. The HHA has been defending “rural character” since before GMA, Farmland Preservation Programs and before such clear lines were drawn between urban and rural. While our community is large and quite diverse, we recognize that the totality of Rural King County expands considerably on this diversity. It is in the interest of the long-term vitality, indeed the very survival, of what we call Rural King County that we seek to maintain and improve the effectiveness of our land use codes and zoning while respecting our broad diversity.

A cornerstone to such effective administration lies in wielding as light a regulatory hand as possible on uses of private property. But, if we are to continue to enjoy a rural character in parts of our county, we must defend it from densities and activities that are inconsistent with that character.

The HHA finds that, while the RES proposal’s fundamental intent of loosening restrictions on small home-based enterprises is commendable, and some of the concepts have merit, several of the proposed changes go well beyond this goal and are likely to allow commercial development which would have serious negative impacts on the rural character of our communities.

These proposals would also reduce requirements for manufacturing and retail business proposals to show compatibility with pre-existing neighboring uses.

The HHA has these specific recommendations: