Hollywood Hill Association

Tourist District Zoning Proposal (2004)

The following is a letter from the President of the Hollywood Hill Association on the Association's position regarding the City of Woodinvill Tourist District Overlay Zoning:

Woodinville City Council December 2, 2004
Woodinville, WA

Dear Councilmember,

The Hollywood Hill Association has been supportive of Woodinville’s past efforts to define the vision of a Tourist District within the southern portion of the city. Those efforts have been paying off, evidenced by the high quality of recent developments and by the vital social activity in the District.

As a group that has worked hard to defend the far sighted goals of growth management in our region, we have also been particularly pleased by the increasingly successful interface between Urban and Rural King County that has unfolded in this vicinity.

While this process has evolved, the city has been striving to guide development toward embracing elements which compliment the Tourist District concept. Noteable among these actions was the vote a few years ago to disallow residential development in the Tourist District. The decision was not arrived at lightly.

Recognizing the consideration that is currently being given to reversing that decision, it is all of our interests to assure that the directions in which this leads future development will be complimentary to the successes we now have in place.

Some have voiced opposition to the development of properties in question based on effects it will have on the rural feel of the neighborhood. However, the Hollywood Hill Association has long recognized the location of the Urban boundary and the associated imperative for development to be focused within our cities’ limits. While we share a sense of loss at the propect of the development of the Waterman property, we recognize that the question is not if it will be developed, but how.

One concern we have is over how the city intends to enforce the high standards the community has been led to expect by parties soliciting support for the proposed zoning changes.

Much of the enthusiasm in favor of changing the zoning centers around specific development concepts that have been proposed. However, once the zoning has been changed, what leverage does the city hold to ascertain that the eventual development will meet or exceed those standards? This question must be considered for any eventuality, including the demise of any current proposals or change in the vested interests.

The proposed zoning change will significantly increase the underlying land values, as well as the value of any projects that may proceed, on the affected properties. Accordingly, we feel that the city should proceed confidently in demanding assurances and enforcing compliance with conditions such as underground parking, building height setbacks, architectural style, public space interfaces and general access in exchange for assenting to the requested zoning change.

Thank you for your consideration of these points.


Susan Cyr
President - Hollywood Hill Association