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Community Service Areas

It's an fact of life that the urban areas in King County tend to get more attention in county government if only because they have denser populations than the rural areas. However, King County recognizes this and for several years many rural King County residents have been represented at the county level by the Unincorporated Area Community Council (UACC) system. On Hollywood Hill the Upper Bear Creek Community Council has been a staunch supporter of the needs of rural residents in the greater Bear Creek watershed. Unfortunately, as county coffers run low the UACC's were put on the chopping block, and funding for them was eliminated about a year ago.

Nonetheless, King County government recognizes that its need to represent rural county residents is increasing, not decreasing, and to this end a new system of representation is being developed, the Community Service Areas (CSA's). The goals of the CSA's are to create a system of representation for virtually all rural King County residents, retaining some aspects of the previous rural community representation system and retaining existing Community Service Centers (such as ours at Avondale Road NE and NE Woodinville-Duvall Road), all while reducing expenditures. These are lofty goals, and difficult to achieve, but you have a chance to participate in creating and running the system.

The Community Service Area system has not been well-defined yet. CSA boundaries have not been determined, all county personnel have not been assigned to CSA's, the nature of how citizens will interact with county government has not been completely fleshed out, even the number of CSA's is in flux. This is our opportunity to get our voices heard and to shape the processes that can achieve better representation for rural residents at the county level!

To further the process of setting up the CSA system, King County is hosting four boundary workshops, on November 29 in Federal Way, November 30 in Maple Valley, December 6 in Carnation, and December 7 in Enumclaw. If you can attend one of these workshops you can possibly have a significant effect on your representation in King County government.

For some initial information you can go to:




or contact Marissa Alegria (Marissa.Alegria@kingcounty.gov) or Bong StoDomingo (Bong.StoDomingo@kingcounty.gov).